Daihatsu Motor to produce 5 million cars

images_011JAKARTA. Major automobile manufacturer Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) may produce 5 million vehicle next year, a move that would strenghten its position as Daihatsu’s biggest production base outside Japan. Prijono Sugiarto, the president director of ADM’s parent company . Astra International, said the group had approved a plan to produce a new model that would be manufactured locally starting from next year to help meet its target. The development of the model will cost around Rp 1 million (US$ 76.06 million).

Inline with the plan, ADM would try to gradually boost its exports until it reached 30 percent of total production from a current level of 15 percent, Prijono added. “Ithink we are on the right track to achieve that,” Prijono said Thursday during a ceremony to mark ADM’s production of 4 million units

Starting local assembly in Indinesia in 1978 , ADM now runs two facilities including an engine plant,in sunter,north jakarta, and karawang,west java,with overall annual capasity of 530.000 units it source outopants from 216 first-tier suppliers nd 1.105 second-tier suppliers.

Apaart from making cars for Daihatsu,the plants also assemblr vehicle for Toyota. As of May , ADM has made 2.08 million vehicle for Dihatsu (51.9 percent) and 1.92 million for Toyota (4801 percent). the company exports to 48 destinations in Asia , the middle East, Afrika and Suoth America.

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